Covenant Health put out a statement today illuminating the termination of their health agreement with Aetna Insurance. In the announcement, they stated that "Covenant’s goal has been to reach fair and equitable contract terms. Unfortunately, Aetna remains unwilling to offer adequate reimbursement for vital health care services. This will leave almost 9,000 individuals without in-network access to Covenant’s hospitals and providers in Texas after the contracts expire on September 1, 2022."

What this means is that while their doors will still remain open to everyone, individuals who are covered by Aetna will be required to pay out-of-network costs. This will impact patients who are seen at all Covenant facilities across the region, including Grace Clinic.

Covenant Medical Center
Topher Covarrubio

It is important to note that "Covenant Physicians will continue to advocate and obtain approval for in-network benefits for members who are currently under treatment for a special circumstance such as a disability, acute condition or life-threatening illness to ensure their health care is not

Moreover, if you are receiving care for an ongoing pregnancy or a chronic condition, you may be able to receive a Transition of Care / Continuation of Care during this adjustment period so make sure to speak with your physician about this option.

Covenant strives to provide the highest quality healthcare for the residents of West Texas and hopes to continue discussions with the insurance company to resolve this issue. However, Regional Chief Executive Walt Cathey notes that “for the sustainability of our ministry, Covenant must hold firm on how much more we can absorb without receiving adequate payment in return. It is our sincere hope that Aetna comes back to the table with a meaningful offer that puts the focus back on the health of their customers and off their profit margins."

The hospital network will continue to accept the vast majority of commercial insurance carriers, which include Baylor, Scott & White HMP/PPO/Exchange, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Cigna, FirstCare, Humana, and United HealthCare. For patients with questions, Covenant urges you to not hesitate to reach out at 806-725-6663 if you have any questions.

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