I can’t say that I blame anyone for thinking that thing was a vibrator.

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that several employees with the City of Dallas mistook a mini massage device that was given to them for a sex toy. The massager was part of a goodie bag promoting the city’s Well-Being First campaign along with a cooling towel and a pamphlet that provided fitness and nutrition tips.

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I would’ve laughed it off and stuck it in my desk drawer the next time I needed a conversation starter. Then again, I’m a personality on a Rock station, therefore “blue” humor is my thing.

However, many of the Dallas firefighters don’t share my since of humor. The head of the Dallas Fire Fighters Association, Jim McDade, says he believes the massager is clearly a sex toy:

It’s very clear what it is and what it’s for, and I don’t think it should be distributed to city employees. Our members want to know why it was approved to send sex toys to every fire station.

However, Deputy City Manager Kim Bizor Tolbert downplayed the resemblance and insisted they are not sex toys, saying people “need to get their mind out of the gutter.”

Fair enough, because if I’m being honest, my mind tends to stay in the gutter. But with that being said, I’ll bet a dollar to a donut that thing would do the trick if someone were inclined to give it a sexy test run.

By the way, many people commenting on Twitter agree with me.

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