Time and time again, Gore Verbinski has been thoroughly played by the flighty attitudes of moviegoers and Hollywood executives. His delightful animated Western Rango wrongfully doesn’t enjoy the stature of Pixar and Disney’s recent successes, and his take on The Lone Ranger is remembered today as a massive flop instead of the generously enjoyable spoof it was. Here’s hoping that he and the audience can connect with his upcoming film A Cure for Wellness, due February 17. The trailer promised something between In the Mouth of Madness and Shutter Island, a modern-Gothic psycho-nightmare set in a delectably unsettling mental hospital, and a new clip today offers a little taste of the menace to come.

For a bit of context: Dane DeHaan’s young executive has been sent to an isolated “wellness facility” in the Swiss Alps to retrieve his company’s CEO, who’s been reported as going native. DeHaan is creeped out by the stone-faced staffers and veiled threats and chattering inmates and general air of creepiness, and when his fear hits a fever pitch, he is himself committed. In the scene above, he‘s snooping around a forbidden wing of the compound in search of some answers, and runs afoul of the facility’s director, Jason Isaacs (better known as Lucius Malfoy of the Harry Potter franchise and, more recently, the villainous Hap in Netflix’s headscratcher The OA).

Shot by Bojan Bazelli (last seen bringing a gentle and pastoral beauty to this past summer’s Pete’s Dragon remake) and also starring Nymphomaniac’s Mia Goth, the film’s an exciting prospect on the immediate calendar.

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