On Jan. 18, some dude actually pulled off stealing a $1,700 Fender from his local Guitar Center by placing the body under his jacket and shoving the neck down his pants and walking out.

It seems like an impossible feat, but a security camera at a Fort Worth, Texas, Guitar Center caught the entire thing. A man in a track suit and winter vest scoped out the store’s security cameras and seemingly placed a guitar behind a display wall to begin his dastardly plan. After getting the necessary cover, he turned the Tobacco Sunburst Fender upside down and shoved it under his jacket and down his pants.

After taking a few seconds to secure the new prize, he walked out with far too much confidence and conviction. Thanks to his positioning, you can barely see the crime take place and he stays in stride while walking out of the shop with a guitar down his pants.

Fort Worth police uploaded the security footage to YouTube with the hope of identifying the thief. "I mean who can stuff an entire guitar down their jacket and make it out of the store? It's kind of hard to believe," said Officer Tamara Valle. "You figure somebody would see it immediately but watch that video.”

Anyone with information on the robbery is being asked to call 817-392-4616. Guitar Center has declined to comment on the incident.

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