Patty Jenkins has already brought Chris Pine back to life (somehow) for Wonder Woman 2. Now the two have reunited once again for something a little more sinister, a series about the Black Dahlia murder.

Jenkins executive produced and directs the pilot of TNT’s upcoming limited series I Am the Night. The six-episode, previously called One Day She’ll Darken, follows the story of Fauna Hodel (India Eisley), a the real-life woman who went on a search for her real father after learning she was adopted. That search soon finds her entangled in the Black Dahlia murder case. In the first trailer, we get a look at Pine, who plays a reporter tracking Fauna down to try and solve the grisly murder.

As any casual true crime fan will tell you, the famous 1947 murder of Elizabeth Short, which found the young woman severed in two, was never solved. But it sounds like Jenkins’ series will lean closer to one theory about who killed Short. A few years back a retired detective by the name of Steve Hodel wrote a book about his theory for the case: that his own father, a doctor named George Hodel, was the Black Dahlia murderer.

In Jenkins’ series, Jefferson Mays will play George Hodel, and it’s a great a bit of casting –Law & Order: SVU fans will remember Mays played medical examiner-turned-killer/rapist Carl Rudnick, and Mays has the perfect creepy look for a twisted murderer. There’s plenty more real history for the series to explore as well – Hodel was a suspect in the case back in 1951, also suspected of murdering his secretary and accused of sexually assaulting his own daughter. This is certainly going to be darker than Wonder WomanI am the Night debuts on TNT in January 2019.

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