You know, cars with four wheels are just so passe.

Sit back and get ready to watch history be made as a car sets the record for fastest one-mile drive on two wheels. The Nissan Juke RS Nismo did it in two minutes, 10 seconds at Britain's Goodwood Festival of Speed, with stunt driver Terry Grant at the wheel.

Obviously, it's an impressive feat, as Grant manages to maintain control the vehicle, even at times when it wobbled and looked like it may fall down to four wheels.

This is merely the latest accomplishment in Grant's ever-growing resume. He owns more than 20 records, including, as Digital Trends points out, "most people in a car while driving on two wheels (15), the highest number of donuts in 100 seconds (39) and the fastest one-mile time driven in reverse (1:37)."

That's some crazy stuff. We bet he'd be the parent every kid wants to lead their carpool to school.

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