Have you had your mind blown today? Well, you are about to with this insanely cool drawings. What makes them so special? It's all done with just salt. Seriously, this is amazing!

The artist is Bashir Sultani who does all kinds of drawings using only salt. You have to wonder how some of these artists come up with this stuff. Did they spill the salt at the dinner table and decide to just start drawing? I guess it doesn't matter how he got his start in salt drawings. The dude does some seriously cool drawings. The only thing is that with all of the salt he has spilled to make these drawings, he very well might be the unluckiest person in the world.

Check out some of these amazing drawings using only salt.

The Joker

Captain Jack Sparrow

Kurt Cobain


Albert Einstein

Pretty incredible, right? Check out more of his drawings on his YouTube channel.

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