Not too long ago, the American League East was routinely called the toughest division in Major League Baseball, but in recent years other divisions stepped up and challenged for the title. But this year, the A.L. East is back in dominant form.

The New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Tampa Bay Rays, Baltimore Orioles and Toronto Blue Jays—right now each of these teams has a chance at making the playoffs, and each of them has a record over .500. All them also happen to be in the American League East.

For years it was a dogfight to the end between the Yankees and Red Sox, but last year the Orioles entered the picture. The Rays have been a playoff team there of the last five years. The Blue Jays made numerous big-time acquisitions this past off-season and are playing excellent ball right now. Only five games separate the first- and last-place teams. Is this division the best in baseball again?

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