It must be May if Star City stands on the brink of destruction, but Oliver Queen’s hometown is far from the only major locale in jeopardy by this week’s Arrow Season 4 finale “Schism.” A new extended trailer for the May 25 closer sees Damon Darhk’s nukes once again on the warpath, while Star City erupts in an all-out streetfight. You know … again.

Ahead of Wednesday’s “Schism” finale, The CW released an extended look at the Season 4 closer, picking up directly with the events of last week’s “Lost in the Flood” cliffhanger. This time around, we get to see a bit more of the final showdown between the respective army/mobs of Oliver and Damien Darhk, while the team bunker may get some unexpected visitors as well.

Check out the full synopsis, in addition to photos below:


OLIVER TEAMS UP WITH A SURPRISING FORCE TO STOP DAMIEN DARHK – Oliver (Stephen Amell) teams up with a surprising force in an attempt to stop Damien Darhk (guest star Neal McDonough) and his magic once and for all.

While we wait, check out first trailers below, and stay tuned for the Arrow Season 4 finale next week.

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