The Arrowverse just finished its “Elseworlds” crossover between The FlashSupergirl, and Arrow and it’s already gearing up for the next meeting between these titles. As announced on the show, in 2019, the shows will hook up for a TV version of one of the most famous comic-book storylines in history: Crisis on Infinite Earths. The first teaser for the big crossover is above.

You had to know this was coming when the Monitor showed up in “Elseworlds.” He’s one of the key characters from the comic book Crisis on Infinite Earths, which was originally written by Marv Wolfman and illustrated by George Perez. That series was designed to streamline DC Comics’ convoluted continuity in the 1980s; its end result was boiling down all of the different DC universes into a singular one where all the characters lived together. An interdimensional baddie known as the Anti-Monitor is systematically wiping out DC universes and only the heroes of Earth-1, Earth-2, and a few other survivors can stop him. They did (spoiler alert) but only after just one Earth remained. (On the plus side, it did wonders for multiversal real estate prices.)

Theoretically, the TV version could have a similar result, putting Supergirl onto the same Earth as Arrow and The Flash. Of course, the comics Crisis also involved the death of the original Flash, Barry Allen, and unless the CW plans on canceling The Flash, that probably will not happen — even if the series finds a way to pay tribute to that famous scene in some way. Unfortunately we won’t know for sure for a while; we won’t see TV’s “Crisis” for several months.

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