Given all the recent upheaval surrounding FX's Charlie Sheen-centric 'Anger Management,' between Selma Blair's public expulsion and Brian Austin Green's ascension to series regular, the series' last insane casting choice would seem almost plausible. Outlets are reporting that convicted felon and scandalmaker O.J. Simpson could soon join the cast of 'Anger Management,' but is there any truth to the rumor?

The New York Post first announced the news citing that Simpson's “longtime promoter” Norman Pardo reached out to 'Anger Management' producers to inquire about an appearance, and subsequently claimed one of the senior production executives on the show responded “Anger Management with O.J. Simpson? That would be a perfect fit!” Simpson had reportedly been pitched to play “a thinly veiled version of himself — a famous con who’s pissed off about being unjustly incarcerated.”

And while it wouldn't surprise us in the least for 'Anger Management' to court a bit of scandal with its casting, a few hiccups wold prevent Simpson's appearance from coming to pass. Most notably, the former football star is currently serving 33-year prison sentence for kidnapping and armed robbery, and not eligible for parole until sometime in 2017. That, and FX flatly told the LA Times that "it will never happen."

Womp wom. The series continues to undergo something of a retool in an effort to drive up ratings, but no accused murderers are on the casting call for the moment. Tell us who you'd like to see join the series in the comments!

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