Back in the "olden days", there was a phone number we'd call when we wanted to know the current time and temperature. You see, we didn't have the internet or the luxury of these smartphones where we could get this info just by pulling a device out of our pocket.

Heck, before those fancy gadgets came along, we'd also get the time and temperature from digital signs at local banks. Those signs still exist and, ironically, so does the time and temp phone number. Consider myself mindblown when I learned that recently.

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Just thinking back on those days, it's so weird knowing how far we've come thanks to technology. It's also a bit scary knowing that times were much simpler back then and now we're fearful that the "machines" will eventually take over someday.

Well, until that day happens, let's take a stroll down memory lane and call the local phone number for time and temperature.


Go ahead, give it a shot. It really does work.

For the younger generation reading this, I'm sure you're not as amused as an old fart, like myself. Sometimes we need a little nostalgia to make the day better and calling that number definitely brought back some memories.

Speaking of phones, back in the day, we also used to prank call people because we were bored and thought it was hilarious when we'd ask if their refrigerator was running. Nowadays, vehicle warranty companies do the majority of prank calls. Those calls aren't funny in the least bit.

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