I don't know about you, but my patio and backyard have seen an unusual amount of flies this year. Regardless of the reason, I'm not a fan of the invasion of these flying pesky poo eaters.

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Before I go any further, yes, I do understand that flies have their place in this world. However, their place does not have to include my patio area.

You see, I spend much of my free time, on my patio, simply enjoying the outdoors. It's therapeutic for me and my wife. Heck, we probably spend more time outdoors than in our actual house.

Well, these annoying flies really disturb the tranquility of my outdoor experience. So, in the never-ending effort to find something to decrease the fly population my wife came across this product called "PT Pressurized Alpine Fly Bait" and to say it works wonders is an understatement.


Basically, you just spray this stuff around areas that flies will typically congregate, like trash cans. For us, we have an outdoor pet food storage container in which we sprayed this stuff on and around. When spraying, make sure your pets aren't around. Once the spray dries, it's safe for humans and pets...but not flies.

So what makes this stuff so much fun? Well, as I mentioned earlier, it's fly bait. It attracts flies then kills them. However, it doesn't kill them immediately. The fly comes in, chows down, then flies off...then dies, many times mid-flight. Then, they fall straight to the ground like an enemy jet being shot down by the almighty U.S. Air Force.

I guess you could say this stuff will make sure the flies "drop like flies"...but many times in mid-air.

Sometimes they'll fly off and land somewhere to never fly again. Just seeing the hundreds of fly carcasses, that once made life outdoors miserable, on the ground is so dang satisfying.

My wife bought this stuff over at Jackson Brothers Feed and Seed, but you can also find it in many other places, including Amazon.

If you'd like to learn about the benefits of flies, then check out this article.

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