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Listen to the full interview with Allen West below.

What's next for Allen West? Stay tuned is the main message from West.

The outgoing Chairman of the Texas Republican Party, Lt. Col. Allen West (Ret) joined The Chad Hasty Show on Tuesday evening to discuss his future plans and how he thought the Texas Legislative Session went.

West announced earlier in the week that he would be resigning as Chairman of the Texas Republican Party. West told Hasty that he resigned from the chairmanship because so many people had come to him and encouraged him to run for another office. West told listeners, "We've had a great run over the past year as Chairman".

West did not say which office he was looking at running for, but the popular theory is that West is looking at challenging Texas Governor Greg Abbott in the Republican Primary for Governor. When asked which office West would be seeking, West told Hasty,

"I think it's time for me to get back out and moving to the sound of the guns to continue a lifetime of career of service and sacrifice and commitment to this country and now the state of Texas. There are many things to weigh and to look at and pray about first and foremost but the most important thing is that we make the best decision for my family and for the great state of Texas, and the people I would seek to serve."

West told Hasty he wasn't "running against anyone, I am running for Texas".

Abbott is already facing a challenge from former State Senator Don Huffines, and Chad Prather. If West jumped in to the race it would become a very crowded primary with a higher chance of a runoff.

When asked about qualities the next Chairman of the Texas Republican Party should have, West told Hasty that he would like to see someone who can communicate and listen to the grassroots voters. Asked if he would be making an endorsement in the race, West did not rule out the possibility.

The most important quality is someone who will standup and be a voice for the constitutional conservative grassroots the people who put forth their legislative priorities and agenda and not someone who will be a puppet and kowtow to the folks down in Austin at the Texas State Capitol. We will see how these two candidates present themselves and their platforms and if I make an endorsement it will be based upon what they stand for.

West will serve as Chairman until July 11.

Listen to the full interview with West above.

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