See those flashing red lights coming up in front of your car? They're not a police car, nor an ambulance, nor a firetruck. Better get ready to stop, because they're some of the new stop signs you'll be seeing all around Abilene.

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Photo by: Rudy Fernandez

The coolest thing about these new blinking red lights that surround the outside of those stop signs is that they're motion-activated. They're not flashing off and on continuously they only come on when a vehicle starts getting closer.

I'll be the first to admit that I've almost run a stop sign or two in my lifetime, and not on purpose but because I either wasn't aware that there was one coming up because I'm not on this road too often.

Then there has been a time or two when I just wasn't paying any attention to the road, the world around me, or the signs, kind of like a few days ago when I just discovered these awesome new signs we're starting to see in and around Abilene.


The relatively new flashing LED stop signs have been recently installed at what are seen as high-risk intersections in and around Abilene. TXDOT and the City of Abilene hope the flashing signs will improve safety for cyclists, pedestrians, motorists, and will help prevent crashes. The installation of these signs began earlier this year and will continue in the future.

I know that the number of accidents in and around town has been on the rise lately. And, when I saw this new stop sing, I went nuts telling my wife Donna "why couldn't I have thought of something like that?" I mean, the school busses have had those little flap stop signs and they have flashing red lights.

These bad boys are not only motion-activated, but they're also solar-powered and if that wasn't enough they not only work at night, but they work during the day as well. So, drive safe, buckle up, and stop to admire the new signs we're getting in Abilene.

Photo by: Rudy Fernandez

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