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When I first thought about "who" all are the "Top 10 Employers in Abilene, Texas" I was for sure that I knew who they were, and I was pretty close. However, there were a few that I didn't know were "Top Employers" in Abilene by the sheer numbers of workers they employ.

Some are obvious by counting the number of cars that are parked outside of their locations, and by the fact that we all know someone that is employed at one of these places. For example, the number of people it takes to run a military base or operation takes some personnel. Then there's the medical field and the number of professionals that it takes to run one let alone two hospitals.

Here's who all made the list of "Top 10 Employers in Abilene Texas" and if you're needing a job, these are the first places I would start applying at to find a job.

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Some of the other businesses and or governmental offices that employ hundreds of people here in Abilene many of which are hiring. Some others are Hardin Simmons University, the City of Abilene, Eagle Aviation, Taylor County, Wylie ISD, and the list goes on.

Nonetheless, Abilene is growing and we've got more big businesses coming as well like the new Great Lakes Cheese Factory that is bringing over 500 new jobs to Abilene. I believe that Abilene is a great place to open a business and a good source for employees.

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