The Holidays are great because we get that rare chance to see family and friends that we normally don't see during the year. But, let's face it, there's only so much time we can spend with our family, during the holidays, before we need to decompress a bit.

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So, for those of you looking for a little getaway while your family is still at your house, here's a list of bars in Abilene you may want to visit for a cold one or two. Heck, you'll probably see some old classmates you haven't seen in years. Then again, maybe you don't want to see them. If that's the case, then just act drunk and walk right past them.


The Abilene area is full of a ton of awesome bars, which I'm sure I missed quite a few, so if your bar isn't listed, please email me and I'll get it added so we can help spread the word.

Also, some of these places may be understaffed, so please be nice to your bartender, waiter, or waitress. The holidays are stressful as it is, no need to go full Karen on them.

After you avoid the family and visit one of these watering holes, then please leave your comments/review below. Heck, if you found a better hiding spot, then let me know. Happy Holidays.

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