Ah, the state of Texas. The Lone Star State. Things are definitely bigger here, including the overall size of the state. It used to be that you'd hit the road on trips and along the way you'd see fields of oil wells and oil derricks. Although there are still some here and there, these massive fields are now transforming into wind farms. Why not? Anyone who has lived in this part of Texas for any amount of time knows the wind blows. There's certainly no shortage of that.

Surely you've seen them between Abilene and Sweetwater. Massively tall statures with turning blades. They seem to go for miles and miles. There are 5 major wind farm facilities in Texas. Would you believe me if I told you that 4 of those were close to Abilene? It's true. Keep reading as we check out 5 of the largest wind farms in Texas.


Photo: mortenson.com
Photo: mortenson.com

Sweetwater Wind Farm

Located in Nolan county, this one is massive. In fact, at the time it was built, it was the largest in the world. With 392 wind turbines on-site, this farm helps supply electricity to Austin and San Antonio.

Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center

This is a very large wind complex spread over 47,000 acres in Nolan and Taylor counties. It boasts 430 wind turbines. Watch the video above for a quick history.


Los Vientos Wind Farm

Translated from Spanish to mean "the winds", this wind farm is 400 turbines strong and helps supply electricity to cities right here in Texas.

Photo: native.eco
Photo: native.eco

Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm

Located between Coke and Sterling counties, this wind farm is noted as being the first of its kind to help reduce greenhouse gasses and emissions. It provides power to over 200,000 homes.

Roscoe Wind Farm

This one is a biggie. This farm starts outside of Abilene and stretches across 4 counties and acres and acres of cotton fields. With a massive 627 turbines, it is considered to be one of the largest wind farms in Texas.

It's no mistake that there are so many wind farms in this area. The strength and popularity of renewable energy keep getting stronger and stronger. Plus, I'm sure you'll agree, that nothing blows like the winds across the open Texas plains. So, the next time you take a drive between Abilene and Sweetwater, look around and you'll see it. You're in the wind farm hotbed of Texas.

Like it or not, wind farms are a part of the Abilene area. If miles and miles of rotating wind blades get mundane to look at, you can always turn to the beauty within the city. Keep reading and check out some gorgeous homes on display right here in Abilene.

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