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At the beginning of the holiday weekend, Texas Governor Gregg Abbott reminded all Texans to be alert and to take the necessary measures to be prepared for any tropical weather and be ready for hurricane season this year.

After the Governor had been briefed by the Texas State Emergency Operations Center (SOC) from the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) and the National Hurricane Center (NHC) on what may come from this year's tropical storm and hurricane season.

While the Gulf of Mexico and the western Atlantic remained relatively quiet over the holiday weekend. The TDEM and the NHC said that Texas coastal areas must remain vigilant towards this year's tropical-storm and hurricane season as we have had mild seasons recently and we must always be prepared for what may come.

Texans can access the Texas Hurricane Center by visiting: to learn more about steps to take now to prepare for hurricane season, including:

Anyone living in Texas and people with loved ones in the state are encouraged to download the Texas Disaster Portal mobile application.
Source: Texas Governor Abbott, press release

That said, a couple of weeks ago at the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season there were several Texas coastal towns and cities participated in a "hurricane exercise" so that the emergency agencies can know what steps to take during state weather emergencies.

West and Central Texas must be prepared for the hurricane season as well.

If the hurricane season is anything like our recent winter storm snowpocalypses that snuck up on us in the past two years, it's better to be alert and prepared. West and Central Texas, must be ready for hurricane season as they tend to bring some unexpected torrential rain storms which then bring on the flooding.

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