Thanksgiving may be the granddaddy of all dinners, with everything from turkey to cranberry sauce to pecan pie all fighting for room in our stomachs. But, guess what? We eat dinner every other night of the year, too.

Yeah, it's true. In fact, you're probably wondering right now what you'll have for dinner tonight. While you debate this critical issue (you should have pizza because pizza is good anytime), why not take a look at some popular meals people have enjoyed over the last century.

The roast beef and franconia potatoes that covered kitchen tables in 1915 and the Spam with a baked potato and lima beans of 1945 show just how far we've come. Those look positively primitive (and not very tempting, if we're being honest) compared to the sushi of 2005 and grilled salmon over quinoa and kale salad of today.

The current cuisine is more sophisticated and is a good reminder that tastes and trends come and go quicker than that kosher-Indian-Mexican restaurant that popped up down the street.

Of course, sushi and salmon may not appeal to everybody, which is why we're going to treat ourselves to a pizza. A wise man once said pizza is good anytime.

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