Putting earmuffs on your kid at a rock concert = good parenting. Running into a wall of death with your infant = bad parenting. However, there’s another essential difference between the two scenarios… only one of them makes for an amazing YouTube video.

The scene in the aforementioned video takes place during a performance from Suicidal Angels, a thrash band from Greece. The popular band drew a big outdoor crowd, eventually splitting hundreds of fans down the middle to prep for an epic wall of death. There’s a good 20 seconds of empty space in the pit while both sides of the crowd faced each other down, but about a second before takeoff, the parent breached the impact zone and damn near killed their kid.

Luckily, a few fans realized what they were about to smash into, stopping before flattening the little tyke. One of the best parts of this clip is the reaction of a blond metalhead realizing what just happened. His eyes completely bug out as he turns around, questioning if he actually just saw someone carry a toddler into a wall of death.

The kid remains in the middle of swirling chaos for more than 10 seconds before the parent exits the pit escorted by some distraught metalheads. Our youngster emerges without a scratch, but likely a very full diaper. Hats off to the good samaritan metallers in the pit making sure the kid was alright.

Baby on a wall of death ! Suicidal Angels - Metalcamp

Check out the unbelievable video in the player above.

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