David Ayer, director of the newly-minted Academy Award-winner Suicide Squad (there’s a phrase I don't ever see my fingers getting comfortable with), has already begun work on his next film. Will the new project Bright also win an Academy Award like Suicide Squad did last night, which was real and not a dream we all had? We have no way of knowing, but it could happen. Evidently anything can happen, because Suicide Squad won an Academy Award last night. As in, one more award than Martin Scorsese’s career-defining religious epic Silence. So today, look upon the first teaser for Bright and bow before your new King of Oscars, for it is David Ayer.

Netflix won’t pull back the curtain on Ayer‘s latest team-up with Suicide Squad star Will Smith until December, but late last night, they offered a brief peek at the intriguing-looking fusion of cop drama and out-there mythology. Over the strains of old-time American standard ‘This Land is Your Land,’ Smith’s human cop Scott Ward cruises through what looks like a slightly-dystopian Los Angeles, complete with loitering gangs and militaristic police presence. What we barely see in this trailer is the reason I just made the distinction that Smith’s character is human — his partner, an orc cop portrayed by actual Orc-on-the-down-low Joel Edgerton. That’s him, with the charred face, pumping the shotgun. In the world of Bright, humans and mystical creatures have been living side-by-side for centuries, which means that human-Orc cop pairings are just another fact of life. Think ‘Bad Boys goes to Middle Earth.’

Netflix will be sure to hype this one up plenty before its release at the end of the year. Hopefully, the Warcraft comparisons this immediately invites will be misplaced.

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