Wild Days are here at last at the Abilene Zoo and just in time for the 2021 Spring Break. Families from all around the Big Country are invited to come and take in all the sights that Abilene Zoo has to offer. And, the Excelsior Foundation plans on making it even more fun by getting you involved with all the wild animals that will be performing all sorts of wild stunts and tricks.

There will be shows daily that will feature and highlight the craziest tricks some of the wildlife will be performing. So come prepared to be called out of the audience to come and participate with real life wild animals on stage.

This is a very unique open-air experience with lots of room for everyone to roam around AT the Abilene Zoo. So get ready to have some real fun with some truly wild animals during Wild Days.

Photo by: Abilene Zoo/Jesse Bottebaum
Photo by: Abilene Zoo/Jesse Bottebaum


This special spring break event for 2021 is presented by the Excelsior Foundation from March 6th through March 14th. Tickets are on sale and are free for children ages 2 and under, $7 for children 3 to 12 years-of-age, $10 for 13 to 59 years-old and seniors age 60 and over are only $9. Purchase your tickets early and online here.

Additional tips and guidelines to follow when visiting the Abilene Zoo:

  • Follow all social distancing guidelines and stay a lions length away from other zoo visitors.
  • Open are: Zoo eats, giraffe feeding experience, gift shop and carousel
  • Closed are the Safari Train Express, and Swan Boats.
  • Food for hand feeding the giraffe is $5.

The Abilene Zoo is located at 2070 Zoo Lane Abilene, Texas. For more information please call 325-676-6085.

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Photo by: Abilene Zoo/Jesse Bottebaum
Photo by: Abilene Zoo/Jesse Bottebaum

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