When Carrie Underwood posted a black and white picture on her Instagram page of her in the studio on April 4, her fans were ecstatic that their favorite country star just might be back to making new music.

But not everyone shared the same good mojo regarding her return. Enter talk show host Wendy Williams.

During her April 5 taping, Williams was quick to play bully once again as she questioned Underwood's motives for releasing the picture. The video segment was shared on her YouTube page hours later.

"She’s still hiding her face," Williams observes. "Dang it! That accident where she fell down the concrete steps of her home … that happened back in November." The talk show host caused a similar stir back in January when she brought the country superstar up during her often controversial "Hot Topics" segment.

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Indeed, the Oklahoma native has stayed out of the spotlight for the most part since her injury, reportedly receiving 40 stitches following the mishap.

"She even let us know that she might not look the same way we are used to seeing her look,” Williams continues in her recent episode, going as far to wondering — again — if Underwood may have gotten a facelift. "Apparently its not a facelift because this side of her face looks the same. I don’t know what’s on the right side but if its not a big scar, people might turn on you."

"They might be upset thinking, ‘Why did you make such a big deal when all you have here is just a tiny something?'," she concludes. "Scars are beautiful."

That's one thing country fans would agree with: scars are beautiful. But the continual onslaught of accusations against the country star and speculations about her decisions isn't sitting right with fans, who feel Underwood has every right to keep this piece of her life private.

And for the record, Underwood showed both sides of her face in another social media post on April 6. She seems to be rehearsing for live music, and it's likely we'll get some new album details soon, too. Underwood has a light concert schedule ahead in 2018, but will appear at Minnesota's WE Fest in August.

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