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I've often thought about being a game warden so that I could be out there in the wild checking out the wildlife. Now at my age, I learn that I could have done it if I had applied for an internship. Here's how current college students can start working their way into a Texas Game Wardens position.

The cool part is if you're in college you could get a volunteer job working with Texas game wardens to see if this is what you want to do. Who knows you could end up on a TV show like Texas Law.

College Students In All Educational Backgrounds Can Apply

The Texas Parks and Wildlife are currently accepting applications for summer internship courses all across the Lone Star State. If you are a college student the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department says "college students of all backgrounds and fields of study are encouraged to apply for 12 specific opportunities."

“This is a great opportunity for individuals who are curious about conservation law enforcement and interested in a higher level of community engagement,” said Lt. Rachel Kellner, Texas Game Warden program coordinator. “We provide college students with a realistic view of a game warden’s day-to-day activities including time spent on patrol.”

While an internship is not necessary to become an official Texas Game Warden, Lt. Kellner says the experience can be a helpful first step. “Successfully completing an internship may booster a cadet applicant in the long run, but more importantly, it will enable students to understand the level of commitment that is required to protect the state’s wildlife and wild spaces.”

The application, eligibility requirements, specific locations, compensation, and additional information can be found on the TPWD website. This year, applicants may only apply to a single position in a single county. The counties of Angelina, Aransas, Bexar, Brown, Cameron, Dallas, Ft. Bend, Galveston, Harris, Potter, Nueces, and Tom Green all have available positions.

SOURCE: Texas Parks and Wildlife

Photo by: Facebook/TPWD
Photo by: Facebook/TPWD

For more information call Texas Game Warden Recruiter Chelsea Bailey at (361) 571-9877.

Photo by: Facebook/TPWD
Photo by: Facebook/TPWD

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