The Twittersphere has some parting words for the former White House press secretary.

Sean Spicer sent shock waves through the country Friday (July 21) when he announced his resignation. In many ways the face of the Trump administration, Spicer quickly became a celebrity in his own right for his combative manner of dealing with the media.

In a White House that is polarizing among citizens, Spicer was front and center and often had to defend President Trump. Those who don't support the president were quick to point out that Spicer told lies or was too brusque in his approach. No matter how you viewed him, one thing is clear: for a brief moment, Spicer was a pop culture phenomenon, becoming a popular target on Saturday Night Live, thanks to Melissa McCarthy's recurring portrayal of him.

As is often the case when a news story breaks, Twitter was at the ready with its take. This was no exception. Take a look at some of the biting posts people -- famous and otherwise -- shared.

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