Brunch is a meal that's typically consumed between 10:30 am and 1 pm and the word is, obviously, a combination of breakfast and lunch. Basically, it's a late breakfast that occasionally has alcohol (champagne) involved.

The Abilene area has quite a few restaurants that serve a brunch of various styles.

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Some offer more traditional brunch dishes, like Eggs Benedict, and others go a little outside the lines to offer brunch that's more comparable to their regular menu. Regardless, make sure you order an endless supply of Mimosas to go with your brunch. Why? Because that's how they do it in the movies.

That, and Mimosas are delicious.

So after all this talking about brunch, let's take a look at some of the Abilene area restaurants that you can visit for a delicious brunch.

Brunch Spots in the Abilene Area

I'm sure there are quite a few places that serve brunch that I may have missed. If so, please send me an email to let me know who else needs to be added to this list.

Some historians think brunch started thanks to the pre-hunt breakfasts that were common in England. Those were traditionally lavish meals with both sweet and savory options for every palate. Modern brunch staples like eggs, bacon, fresh fruit and sweets were all common at these gatherings. [Southern Living]

Not all of the following restaurants serve brunch, but they're all delicious stops in various towns of the Big Country.

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