Getting into the Super Bowl was a whole heck of a lot easier than, say, the Atlanta Falcons holding a 25-point lead.

Four young men in Houston managed to sneak into Super Bowl 51 with the ease of Tom Brady collecting MVP trophies from the big game.

The quarter didn't need much ingenuity to get into NRG Stadium. In fact, all they really needed was a ladder and the next thing you know they're hobnobbing with...Guy Fieri? Yes, the food personality was on hand and listened to their tale of breaking in. He may not be the most obvious thing you think of when you think "Hey, let's sneak into the Super Bowl," but it does make for a cool story.

Of course, there is always the possibility this is just a bunch of hocum and they had tickets to the game and just chose to try and go viral in a video that makes it look like they outmaneuvered NFL security.

These guys' antics made it all the way to TMZ.

Of course, these aren't the only ones who claim they weaseled their way into the big game.

Gotta credit the ingenuity. Getting into the Super Bowl isn't as easy as it is for this guy.

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