It seems like it is impossible to keep up with all of the "national days of" and "months" we have going on. Every day and every month have a special cause to remember, or something to celebrate. For instance...

This is pet poison prevention month? Apparently, it is. Now, here is why it matters.

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Love Your Pets? Of Course You Do. Want To Protect Them? Of Course You Do.

Our pets are beloved members of our family. Sure, some of us take to a level others find laughable (looking at you sweater wearing lap dogs); but all the same, we love our pets.

It would make sense that we would want to do everything we can to keep them safe.

The City of Amarillo and Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare recently released information online regarding pet poison prevention month. I was surprised at just how many things could poison my pet, that I had never really thought about.

There's A Lot Out There That Is Toxic To Our Pets

There is, of course, the obvious culprits. Things like medications, household cleaners, chocolate, and things like antifreeze. There are some things, though, that I never stopped to think about.

For instance, the flowers you keep in your house and garden. I was surprised to find out that some of them can be toxic to pets if ingested.

Be sure to look over the post from the City of Amarillo. There's a ton of information there on what items to be sure and keep your pets away from, and what symptoms to watch out for if you think your pet might have gotten into something they shouldn't have.

Keep an eye on your pets, especially as we get ready to head into the spring and summer. There's a lot that can be toxic to our pets.

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