Well, the time is going to come one of these days. Retirement. These are the days that some of us work our whole lives saving up for.  After all, retirement means just that...to retire. Unless your idea of retirement is to constantly be on the go, most of us will likely find that special place in Texas to call home. Where you retire matters just as much as when you retire.

I was surprised to find out that so many southern cities in Texas score high marks as retirement spots. Let's uncover 7 of these Texas cities that look great to spend those retirement years.

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Photo: bwancho/Getty Images

Baytown, Texas

Located in the Houston area. If you enjoy the water and boating, this sure may be the place for you. Learn more about this community online.

Photo: Tricia Daniel/Getty Images
Photo: Tricia Daniel/Getty Images

College Station, Texas

Proud home to Texas A&M University and a beautiful part of the state. Find out about the communities and neighborhoods.

Photo: Michael J. Rivera/TSM
Photo: Michael J. Rivera/TSM

Amarillo, Texas

There's more to Amarillo than the Cadillac Ranch and Palo Duro Canyon. You can learn more about the area and the cost of living.

TX: Lubbock: Buddy Holly
Photo: Getty Images

Lubbock, Texas

Hey, if Lubbock was good enough for Buddy Holly, it's good enough for me. Explore the community and cost of living.

Small town feeling in Abilene Texas with few people downtown
Photo: Chris Boswell/Getty Images

Abilene, Texas

Well, why not? Abilene is a great place to live as well as retire. Learn about the cost of living and online services.

Killeen, Texas

A community located in the heart of Central Texas. Find out about everything this vibrant city offers online.

Photo: KBazin/GettyImages
Photo: KBazin/GettyImages

Midland, Texas

If you plan to do a little traveling during retirement, there is plenty to see around these parts. See if the area is right for you by visiting the city's website.

For me, Texas has a lot to offer when it comes to retirement. Wide-open blue shies, friendly folks, and good quality of life. No matter when you end up in this great state, Texas is also home to some amazing restaurants and some have been around a long time and still going strong. Keep scrolling to check out some of the oldest restaurants in Texas.

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