Since the pandemic began back in 2019, I think Abilene has gone a little freakishly crazy. Have you seen some of the Halloween decorations around town lately? I got out to take pictures at several locations only to discover I needed to run to the bathroom right away (getting the crap scared out of me). All these homes are right here inside the city limits of Abilene.

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LOOK: All These Halloween Decorated Houses Are Right Here In Abilene.

This all got started when I asked on the air if there were some scary decorated homes in Abilene that have some good Halloween decorations. I also asked it on the station's Facebook page and got a ton of responses. The photographs you'll see are some of those that responded to our Facebook and also those who called into the studio.

All the decorations seem to have some kind of theme in mind, some were themed after a movie (look carefully into the windows), some are based on scary books, and some were just based out of somebody's sick freaky mind that just says "let's scare the HELL out of everyone." Yes, I tried to take some of these decoration photos at night but I found that daytime was not as scary.

While I was out taking photos, I got to meet some of the homeowners and or the freak decorators as they shared their interesting stories about how they got into decorating their home this year. Interestingly, several are family members that live next door to each other and began competing against each other to see who could decorate the scariest.

So, check out all these pictures and you be the judge are these truly scary or are these cute? Better yet, do you know of some that we missed? Please let us know. Happy Halloween and be safe trick or treating.

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