If you're not wanting to deal with the stress of cooking and cleaning during Thanksgiving, or just simply want to go out to eat, here are some restaurants in Abilene that will be serving up Thanksgiving dinners.

Keep checking back, as we'll add to this list as we get more info.

  • Golden Corral

    If you like throwing down mass quantities of Thanksgiving grub, then Golden Corral is your place. Not only will they be open on Thanksgiving Day, but they'll have all of your holiday favorites including turkey, ham, dressing and more. Plus, they'll be serving up regular food like their smokehouse steaks, brisket and more as well. Find Golden Corral at 4357 S. Danville Dr.

  • Cracker Barrel

    Cracker Barrel also throws down some serious grub for Thanksgiving. You'll be able to enjoy turkey, ham, dressing, cranberry relish, sweet potato casserole and more. Plus their regular food will be available as well. This year, you can get your turkey dinner to go, or just go to the restaurant and get your grub on. A meal for 6 people to go will cost $67.99 plus tax. If you eat at the restaurant, adults pay $12.99, while kids eat for $7.99.

  • Denny's

    Denny's will be open all day and serving up your Thanksgiving favorites like turkey, dressing, pie and more. The turkey dinner will be $9.99 for adults with a discount for seniors. Denny's has two locations in Abilene at 120 East I-20 and 2214 South Clack.

  • IHOP

    Not only will IHOP be open on Thanksgiving day, but they will offer up their full menu in addition of a turkey dinner. You can get turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and more with the turkey dinner which will run you $9.99 per person. They also have some other holiday dessert favorites available. IHOP is located at 3750 South Clack and open 24 hours a day. Check out their website with the link below.

  • Lucy's

    Lucy's will not only be serving up a big turkey dinner, but it will be free to anyone who wants to come. Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and all the fixins will be free between 11-3 on Thanksgiving Day. Lucy's is located at 3110 South 27th.

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