We've all wanted to go undercover at one point in our lives. To be the metaphorical "fly on the wall." It happens for many reasons.

But what is it that we want to know? Could it be we're worried about what others think of us? Or is it we're trying to figure out what people think of us?

Either way, sometimes going undercover in the digital age is rather easy with one simple thing. A fake social media account. Another virtual you if you will.

Wait, fake social media accounts?

Yes, these are a thing and people do use them to their full ability. According to a study by USCasinos, 1 in 3 Americans hold a fake account in their possession. Almost 50% of the fake account users also have more than one!

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But why use a fake account? Of the 1,500 people who use social media surveyed, the top two reasons were "to share thoughts without being judged," and, you guessed it, "to spy on someone else's profile."

But why are talking about this? Fake profiles, sometimes called burners, have always been a thing. But...where are the most fake profiles located?

Could they be overseas? Or does someone you know have a multitude of accounts that they are withholding?

The answer is much closer to home

As it turns out, in the United States, one particular state has the most fake accounts. And you may know where this is going. If your guess was Texas, pat yourself on the back.

Coming in at a staggering 4.51 out of 5, Texas holds the distinction of most fake accounts. Which now makes me nervous interacting on any platform...

Do you have a fake social media account? Let us know by sending us a message on our FREE Station app!

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