In an effort to generate a few laughs and capitalize on "Dry January" San Antonio-based brewery Pabst Blue Ribbon found themselves in some hot water thanks to a recent tweet.

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First, let's define "Dry January" for the uninformed. Basically, it's like No-Shave November but for booze. To each their own, but January is a big month of drinking for me, especially after all that money that was spent during the holidays.

In a response to the said tweet, Nick Reely of PBR, told Adweek:

“We apologize about the language and content of our recent tweets. The tweets in question were written in poor judgment by one of our associates” [Adweek]

Reely went on to say they were handling the situation internally and they've removed the offending tweet from their page.

Since that tweet was removed, PBR has only tweeted once:

Let's be honest here, the people that drink PBR do so because it's cheap, not because it's necessarily a good beer. So, my assumption is their audience didn't get offended, rather some Karen out there in the Twitter-verse caused all the uproar.

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