Annual Big Country Pet Adoption is March 28th and 29th
The Abilene Animal Shelter, Rescue the Animals and several big country rescue organizations are putting on a huge "Spring Pet Adoption". Every dog, cat, kitten and puppy within 19 counties will be at the Shops of Abilene parking lot, March 28th and 29th. Here's more details.
Man Rappelled Down Canyton to Rescue a Dog
A man hiking in Arizona rappelled down a 350 canyon to rescue a dog that was trapped there. Watch this heartwarming video that highlights the rescue and shows how the dog is doing after the rescue.
A Fish That Likes to be Pet
Most of us have dogs or cats that we can snuggle up to and pet. They love it as much as we do but what about fish, do they like to be pet too? Apparently so.

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