Steve Spurrier, "The Ol' Ball Coach" can get salty sometimes. He survived coaching two stints in the SEC, Florida and South Carolina, and sometimes that aggressiveness comes through during media interviews. Spurrier didn't hold back this week when he was asked about the Texas Longhorns jumping from the Big 12 to the SEC.

Spurrier said, “I can understand Texas jumping over. They get to play Texas A&M again. They can’t win the Big 12 anyway. I think they’ve only won two in the last 30 years or so. So I can see Texas jumping over—more money, playing A&M, this, that and the other."

I think Spurrier's reaction is going to be the norm for awhile as the Longhorns transition into the SEC.  From Florida, Alabama, Texas A&M and all the way down to Arkansas and Missouri, there doesn't really look like there is much respect from the existing SEC schools to Texas.

And in reality, it should be that way.  Here's a school in Texas that has wanted to act like an Independent for decades, but never had the backbone to go out and do it.

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Texas helped hasten the demise of the Southwest Conference in the 1990s. It created friction and conflict between itself and multiple schools in the Big 12 in the 2000s and early 2010s, leading to the departures of Texas A&M and Nebraska. Rather than being a part of a conference television network, the Longhorns forced the Big 12 to allow them to have a whole cable channel to themselves.

Now in 2021, Texas' greed and cajoling of Oklahoma to join them, is about to destroy the Big 12 Conference for good.

For Texas it definitely is all about the money, because as Spurrier says, 'they can't win anyway.'

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