Spider-Man’s a true New Yorker: he understands when to take the 6 train versus rolling the dice on the 2nd Avenue subway, he knows where to get the Bronx’s best chopped cheese, and when he needs a snack in a pinch, he hits up his friendly neighborhood bodega. In the latest promotional spot for the umpteenth reboot Spider-Man: Homecoming, the web-head is late to a big NBA Finals watching party at Tony Stark’s place, and he’s on food detail. (The commercial was written to air specifically during the basketball playoffs this year.) But when he ducks into a nearby bodega — for those uninitiated, it’s really just a corner convenience store, but immeasurably better in every way — he has a chance encounter.

Who should appear but jolly catchphrase-dispenser DJ Khaled, as nonplussed by his run-in with the arachnoid superhero as Peter Parker is to meet the man behind “All I Do Is Win.” As they connect in a moment of shared humanity, bonded by their need for cheap, delicious deli sandwiches at all hours of the night, a trio of girls ask for a photo. Much to Khaled’s surprise, they’d rather pose with Spidey than him, which is foolish, because the chance to get a selfy with Spider-Man and DJ Khaled is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. On the upside, taking the photos means Khaled gets the opening to drop one of his most beloved catchphrases, taking snapping “another one” and “another one.”

It’s pretty silly, but harmless fun. One can’t help but wonder about the demographic the disparate celebrities are trying to court here. Basketball-playing hip-hop listeners who also love Spider-Man? A specific niche, I guess, but that’s why I’m not in marketing! Homecoming, uh, comes home on July 7.

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