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Pet owners beware, a skunk was just picked up by the Abilene Animal Services Shelter and that skunk did test positive for rabies. The neighborhood where the skunk was located was in far south Abilene in the Saddle Creek area.

That area of town is in the area of Highway 83/84 North, Bacacita Road, FM-707, and Clark Road. The residents in this area of Abilene are asked to pay close attention to the behavior, whereabouts of their pets, and if there are any wild animals nearby.

The Abilene Animal Services Director Justin Lelesch advises that "all pet owners just need to be aware and keep a close eye on family pets." Even if your pet is fully vaccinated and has had "direct contact with a rabid animal it's better to have them tested and know for sure."

If you see or come in contact with a rabid animal you should contact the Abilene Animal Services Shelter right away at 325-692-0085.

Direct Lelesch said, "there are certain telltale signs which indicated the skunk we picked up had rabies, first off it's a nocturnal creature and it was out during the day, it was acting aggressive, and foaming at the mouth." The animal was picked up.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), the signs are very clear. Animals with rabies may show a variety of signs, including fearfulness, aggression, excessive drooling, staggering, paralysis, and some seizures. Aggressive behavior is common in some animals, however rabid animals may also be extremely affectionate, just be careful.

Again play it safe get your fur babies tested and report any strange animal activity to the Abilene Animal Services Shelter.

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