One of the NFL's most elite teams has one of its most, uh, bizarre logos.

The Seattle Seahawks showed off their new alternate logo earlier this week. Go ahead. See for yourself.

Yeah, it's weird, right? If Marshawn Lynch hadn't retired and then come out of retirement to play in Oakland before this, he surely would've after.

Big things are expected for the Seahawks this season and they have a legit shot at winning the NFC, but they also have an equally good shot at being the butt of many jokes. Actually, it's too late: they've already been the butt of many jokes.

Look at how Twitter responded when it got a peek at the alternate logo.

Twitter was certainly as creative as Pete Carroll's playcalling.

The Seahawks aren't even the first NFL team this year to be mocked for a logo. The Chargers also took it on the chin after they moved to Los Angeles. Response was so negative the team had to take action.

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