International Motorcycle and Scooter Ride to Work Day is an annual event to celebrate the joys of riding motorcycles. It's also a day to raise awareness of motorcyclists on the road as well as demonstrating the benefits of riding. Some of those benefits may include lower fuel consumption, reduced road congestion, and shorter commute times.

This year's event took place on Monday, June 17th but in Abilene, we're recognizing it on Monday, June 24th. We're doing this because our escorts, Abilene Police Department, were participating in the Motorcycle Rodeo, along with other Texas agencies.

Locally, there are many motorcyclists that will be riding together to celebrate this annual event. We'll meet at the Taylor County Expo Center at 11am. We'll take a picture of everyone participating at 11:20am with kickstands up at 11:30am. The 'Ride to Work' commute will head to Kent's Harley-Davidson (3106 South Clack) for a free lunch.

Whether you ride or not, we need to recognize the road is for all to use, four wheels or two. When driving or riding, we all share the responsibility of looking out for others. That's where the "look twice, save a life" slogan comes from. During warmer months, there will be more motorcyclists on the road, so riders are counting on every driver to be more cautious.

See you Monday, June 24th at the Taylor County Expo Center at 11am.


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