Raul Malo recently took to social media to share his sentiments regarding the recent immigration policy changes and enforcement issues along the U.S. / Mexico border. Malo, who is the lead singer of the Mavericks, shared a photo of his parents alongside the personal story that makes him feel so passionate about the issue.

"I AM the son of immigrants. My parents gave me life because this country offered them hope," Malo writes on Instagram. "They were given a chance ... an opportunity that my family used to full advantage. My parents have seen their grandchildren graduate high school. They’ve seen their daughter graduate college. They’ve seen their son build a life around a dream that can only happen here.

"The country they came to did not separate children from parents and put them in cages. The country they came to did not treat them as 'rapists' or 'gang' members. This is reprehensible and immoral. Not to mention completely unnecessary. This is deliberate. Deeming this policy even crueler," he continues. "We should all be outraged. I will NOT be quiet about this. I AM the son of immigrants. The last picture is my family. They are all children and grandchildren of immigrants."

Malo joins a growing number of celebrities who are speaking out about the Trump administration's "zero-tolerance" policy on immigration. Willie Nelson recently invited the president to visit southern border detention centers with him and get an upfront look at what goes on there.

The recent music video for the Mavericks' song "Easy as It Seems" was filmed on the streets of Havana, Cuba, Malo's ancestral homeland. Malo and his band received Grammy nominations for the title track of their latest album, Brand New Day, along with another track, "I Wish You Well," at the 2018 Grammy Awards. The album is the first that the Mavericks have released since launching their own record label, Mono Mundo Recordings.

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