Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry was in Lubbock for a private fundraising events spearheaded by Texas Tech Board of Regents member John Steinmetz.

In between events, Perry appeared on Pratt on Texas for an interview with Robert Pratt.

During the interview, Perry touted his executive experience as Texas Governor.

"During the worst recession this country's been through since the Great Depression, yet Texas from the end of 2007, through the end of 2014, created more jobs than any other state in the nation, nobody else even close," Perry said. "And it's that type of focus and discipline and experience; that executive experience [I can provide]. Nobody gave me a handbook on how to deal with the space shuttle [Columbia] disintegrating in East Texas."

"Nobody gave me a handbook on how to deal with hurricanes Rita, Katrina, Ike and the massive influx of people from over in Louisiana that came into Texas. Nobody said, 'here's how to deal with the crisis' that's going to show up on your border like we had last summer. And nobody gave me a handbook and said 'Perry here's how to deal with Ebola', you're going to be the first state to have to deal with it," Perry told Pratt.

Perry continued: "All of those experiences have helped craft me and helped mold me into the executive that I've been. When you meld that into my military experience...then I think I lay out a pretty good package for Americans to say, 'that's the type of experienced leadership we're looking for to run this country.'"

Robert Pratt then went on to ask Perry if his 2014 indictment on two Abuse of Power charges would negatively affect his presidential campaign, and if voters outside of Texas understand the "full political nature of the indictment."

Perry responded: "I think most people do understand the full political nature of it. Most people look at this and they go 'this is a travesty and a miscarriage of justice,' and this [indictment] is going to be thrown out [of court]. But we haven't seen [any negative effects]."

Rick Perry served as Texas' longest serving governor, holding the office for 14 years. He is the first official 2016 presidential candidate to visit West Texas.


You can listen to the complete Rick Perry interview with Robert Pratt in the video above.

Pratt on Texas can be heard weekdays 5 -7 p.m. across Texas and online at PrattonTexas.com

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