Pizza has to be on everyone's favorite food list right? It's probably one of the few types of food that most toppings work well with it. Except pineapple.

Pineapple doesn't belong on pizza. I'm an Italian, just trust me here ok? But we're not here to argue about toppings.

No, we're here to talk about a pizzeria in San Antonio that serves a pizza that is unmatched in size. Big Lou's Pizza is the place, and they've certainly stepped up the pizza game. So you may be wondering, how large of a pie are we talking about?

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Maybe 25 inches? How about 30? They couldn't go bigger than 35 right? about 42 inches. Yes, a 42 inch pizza pie. Here's a photo for proof:

So I have a simple question, how in the world do you cook this big of a pizza? I've never seen a oven big enough to cook something like this. The even weirder thing is, you can order a 37 inch pizza to go!

According to the website, the bigger pizzas came about when the owner, Brian Lujan and his mother opened a restaurant to make pizza. But Brain soon realized something:

"However, as someone who ordered pizza regularly, he felt the pizza wasn’t consistent and the customer service was lacking. He wanted to try his hand at conceiving delicious pies and thought at the very least he could provide better customer service. What he and his mother created was bigger, better, bolder and packed with flavor."

So now they make huge pizzas and yes I'm wondering when I could trek down to try some of the pizza, obviously a smaller version.

Would you be able to eat 42 inch pizza? Let us know using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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