The Abilene area has its fair share of Uber drivers to get you across town or even some surrounding towns. But one Abilene Uber driver is taking it to the next level with Phil's Party Uber.

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In some Uber rides, you might strike up a conversation with the driver and they might play your favorite tunes. But the experience is basically just riding along to your destination and that's that. With Phil's Party Uber, not only did you get a nice ride home or wherever your destination is, but you also get a killer vibe with a party-like atmosphere.

The cool thing is that Phil's Party Uber will take you anywhere in Abilene, one way, for $20. He also will go out to Buffalo Gap, Tuscola, and Clyde.

I had a chance to ask, owner Phillip Park, a few questions about what made him think of this.

What did you do or still do in addition for driving for Uber?

I used to be a tour bus/entertainer coach driver for many years and hauled many V.I.P. clients, I am also a locomotive train engineer for the railroad for 20 years.

How did the idea of making a 'Party Uber' come to you?

The idea came to me after several other Uber drivers were complaining about how slow Uber had been in Abilene. It got me to thinking really anybody can bum a ride from anybody so we have to make people want to use our service and give them something they have never experienced here before. When I was an entertainer/tour bus driver we would have lights and awesome music playing and just an all-around good vibe in the coach and people loved it. So I thought to myself if it can be done on a Motorcoach why not in my Uber car, and the idea just took off on me, and if it continues to grow. I plan on starting an actual “party bus” company soon as well. I also believe with Abilene growing we need something new and something exciting and well quite frankly Abilene needs more pizazz in my opinion.

What can people expect when taking a ride in Phil's Party Uber?

People can expect a one-of-a-kind ride experience unlike any other in the Abilene area. From even just my appearance in which I am a dude with painted blue fingernails and dyed blue hair to the light show I have, it is absolutely stunning, coupled with soon to be a fog machine, and a high-quality trance vibe music atmosphere, and I also have an IPad video showing off some amazing drone videos that I have filmed myself and from other friends that are drone pilots that I put together for my passenger's enjoyment.  I like to have a good time as well and enjoy what I do, I believe if I’m enjoying what I do then my passengers will enjoy it too.

What’s the weirdest thing that has happened on one of your party rides?

All I can say is what happens in Phil’s Party Uber Stays in Phil’s Party Uber.

Well, played Phil. Well played.

I want to thank Phil for answering a few questions. If you want to know more about Phil's Party Uber, check out his Facebook page.

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