There's no doubt, Abilene has some of the most beautiful areas in the Big Country and some of the most incredible buildings too. A few million dollar homes spread out all over the Big Country. Let us not forget, the incredible historic buildings and architecture that can be found in downtown Abilene.

Abilene's beauty is on one side of the scale. While the other side of the scale, Abilene is not so beautiful and or structurally sound. What blows my mind, is that some of these buildings, although they don't appear structurally sound (some look down right dangerous) are still occupied with people or are being used for storage or business.

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LOOK: At These Ugly Eyesores

Nonetheless, some of these buildings are eyesores and for the most part they all need some attention right now. While others need to be knocked down, completely refurbished or totally destroyed and start all over again. These are but the few that caught my eye, and the list could go long but I'll keep it short.

I don't mean to offend anyone by bringing attention to these old Abilene eyesores. But there are ways to get some of these classic locations rebuilt, refurbished and reopened. Thus helping to bring Abilene's awesome history to life again.

I'd love to hear what your thoughts are on some of these buildings. Are there some other bigger eyesores in Abilene? I'm sure there are, however these seem to scream at me the loudest. Let's keep "America's City" beautiful by helping those that need and or ask for our help.

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