Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor has never been one to mince words when it comes to politics. In a new interview with the Village Voice, the industrial frontman opened up about his feelings towards Donald Trump, calling him a "vulgar, grotesque dope" as well as a "complete f-king moron."

The interview covered many subjects, including Reznor's complicated feelings towards the President. He brings up his past, growing up in the rust belt and understanding where people come from when voting. "Clearly I find it…disheartening," he said. "When you’re not in an urban environment, you often feel left out of the conversation, and I get that. I grew up in that.”

He later brought up discussing Trump with his kids, recalling one of them asking, “Donald Trump is a bad guy, isn’t he?” Reznor replied. “Look, I don’t think he’s a good guy. Some people do,” he told his son. “I don’t think he believes in science and I don’t think he believes people should be treated decently and I don’t think he tells the truth. That’s why I don’t like him.”

Reznor also talked about his recent live appearance in Bakersfield, which he called "a f-king sh-tshow," referencing his dissatisfaction with the production at the show. The curtain in actuality wasn't "piss-stained" like Reznor wanted, which ended up looking stupid. He would have a “harsh talk with the lighting designer,” telling him, "You are going to throw all this s--t out and do what I said the first time. I want the biggest f--king fans in Los Angeles to blow so much smoke that we can’t stand onstage without being knocked over. I want to be the Cure in 1981. I want to be just an outline of a s--tty haircut and color and smoke and noise."

Reznor also brought up his mixed feelings about Nine Inch Nails' current position at live shows: the late night headlining slots. He refers to them as "the Chili Peppers slot," the late night, last day slot at festivals. “I know what I’m doing at that point in a festival. I’m thinking” — the singer mimes looking at his watch — “ ‘If I leave now, I can miss traffic.’ Nobody wants that. I mean, it’s an honor to be asked to do it, but it’s a pretty immediate mirror to find out where you’re at.”

Earlier today, we reported a very sweet moment with Reznor where he met a terminally ill fan who got to see NIN play one last time at his Los Angeles show.

Read the full interview at the Village Voice.

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