People of the internet, you can now relax. Nintendo has heard your cries, and is finally going to stock shelves with... the New Nintendo 2DS XL. Wait, who messed up the monkey paw wish?

Late last night, well after most of the social media universe was knee-deep in the NFL Draft, the NBA Playoffs, and the Shonda Rhimes programming block, Nintendo dropped the details on the New 2DS XL. The updated 2DS handheld goes back to the more familiar folding screens, but offers them in a larger format than the current 2DS model and its tablet-style build.

Coming on July 28 for $149.99, the New Nintendo 2DS XL is just a little under double the price of the current 2DS bundles you'll find on the market, but is still $50 cheaper than the New 3DS XL. The only difference between the two is the lack of 3D gaming on the 2DS XL, which has been rather hit or miss on the 3DS platform since the beginning. There are certainly some games that take advantage of that element, but the core gameplay will stay the same even on the 2DS XL so you're only missing out on potential aesthetics.

In addition to the New 2DS XL dropping on July 28, Nintendo also announced two new games for the system. Hey! Pikmin is a 2D sidescroller that features Captain Olimar and the little colorful aliens traversing a dangerous new world. Miitopia will let you bring your Miis into a wild strategy RPG world where the player and their Mii friends must battle to save the world. Few other details about either game are available now, but you can expect to learn more at E3 2017 in June ahead of both releases.

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