Have you heard the news? Mansfield Mayor Michael Evans has a vision for new growth, and it's super exciting

Picture this: 72 acres of undeveloped land along South 7th Street and Easy Drive will soon become a mini Hollywood in Texas. Can you believe it?

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According to this article, the project, named Mansfield Super Studios, will aim to attract streaming services and become a filmmaker's paradise. CEO Angel Gracia, a filmmaker himself, is overseeing the studio development and promises it will be "designed by filmmakers for filmmakers." So, if you've got a creative spark in you, this is the place to be!



The best part? The project is expected to create 2,000 jobs. That's right, you read it correctly, jobs are coming. And, let's not forget about the potential for big business. Mansfield city leaders are optimistic about its potential after seeing the way the film industry has taken off in nearby cities like Fort Worth.


Gonna have it all


Hollywood ending

The project has a starting cost of $70 million dollars, and it's set to break ground in 2023. So, mark your calendars, folks.

So, if you're a dreamer, a creator, or just looking for a new opportunity, come on down to Mansfield Super Studios when they open. It's movie magic, not only for Mansfield but for the entire state of Texas.

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