Stunt man Richie Magic is officially a world record holder after he extinguished 70 lit cigarettes in only 60 seconds - in his mouth.

Initially, his attempt was supposed to be part of the roll out for New York City's new ban on smoking in public places. However, because it was discovered that Magic still smokes - as you will hear in the video below, nicotine oozes off of his voice - he was forced to perform his sickening stunt without much pomp or circumstance.

But perform it he did, shoving lit cigarettes into his mouth five at a time.

"It feels horrible. My tongue is numb, but the tip is killing me," Magic told AOL Weird News after setting the record. "I feel the skin peeling away."

He added that he he won't be able to eat solid food for a few days. His tongue also turned black.

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