Batman always gets all the headlines and the coolest toys, and that can leave his greatest villains feeling like they’ve been left out in the cold. The same can’t quite be said for Bruce Wayne however, whom the villains of Gotham have no problem taking advantage of in the most devious ways. When the Joker was given the chance to take over Wayne Manor in The LEGO Batman Movie, we got a glimpse at what life would be like if the Clown Prince was the richest man in Gotham. Now LEGO is giving us that same chance with the new Joker Manor set based on its appearance in that movie.

Coming in at a robust 3,444 pieces, the Joker Manor is a miniaturized version of the Wayne Estate as seen in the final act of The LEGO Batman Movie. LEGO’s already released a number of huge location sets from the film, including Arkham Asylum and the Batcave, but this twist on a familiar home makes it more than just another home built from plastic bricks.

Number one, this set comes with not one, not two, but 10 different minifigures including Joker, Batman, Barbara Gordon, Harley Quinn, Nightwing, Alfred Pennyworth (Classic Batsuit), and the main attractions, Disco Batman, Disco Joker, Disco Batgirl, and Disco Robin. While it’s true some of those minifigures have been released in other sets already, this is the first time those glorious Disco versions will be available. Those white suits really do make them stand out from the litany of other Batman minifigures, and are almost enough to have us considering picking up this set on their own.

Granted, the set also has a “working” roller coaster, some trapdoors, a movie room, a grand piano, and a music studio to keep us entertained. So it's not like we'd be dropping $270 just for a handful of character figures. Finding room for the 21” x 25” x 10” finished home would be a bit of an issue though. Too bad we can’t just move in when it's all built.

The LEGO Batman Movie The Joker Manor set will be available on November 24 for $269.99. You can check out more images of the set below.

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